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Best Bicycle Pump

Whether you are an avid athlete or like to cycle for leisure, a bicycle pump is an essential piece of equipment for all cyclists.At some point, your tyres may lose air or go flat and you will need to pump the air back into them to prevent any damage or accidents in the future.However, with […]

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Best Triathlon Watch

If you’re training for a triathlon and want to track your progress as you train, a triathlon watch is the perfect solution.Not only do they keep track of your time but they can also monitor your heart rate and are able to cope with the change in sport which is essential when you are embarking

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Best Bicycle Gloves

For those who are avid cyclist enthusiasts or are planning to cycle for a long race, bicycle gloves are an important piece of apparel as they provide comfortability for the duration of the ride whilst also ensuring that the rider will have a firm grip without any sweating.Whether you have the money to spend or

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GU Energy Gel Review

If you’re an endurance athlete then you’ve probably already come across or been recommended taking energy gels to push you through rough slugs of your race. Sometimes there is no amount of motivational words or songs to keep you going when your legs just want to give up and that’s why both professional and amateur

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Best Bike Chain Lube

You might not think so, but the chain of your bike is probably the most significant part of the entire mechanism. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to move at all – it is constantly being rotated, and therefore ground against other metals.As a result, keeping the chain properly lubed is key to maintaining your

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Best Triathlon Suit

Triathlon suits are an important part of the triathlon race as they can affect the overall performance.Making sure you pick a suit that is going to provide the comfortability you need means that you should be researching thoroughly.However, with so many options available on the market at varying price points, it’s easy to become overwhelmed

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Charge Hr Fitbit Review

Fitbit released their first device back in 2009, with their original ‘Tracker’ only functioning as a barometer and working out how many calories you’ve burned. Since then, Fitbit has expanded its collection to function to track your heart rate, how much sleep you’re getting, and other health metrics all within just one tiny device.The Fitbit

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