Kirkland Protein Bars Review

When it comes to post workout snacks, there is nothing better than a protein bar. Not only are protein bars excellent in replenishing your body after a workout, but they are a great treat.

There are many protein bars available to purchase. However, some are not as healthy as you may assume they are, and can often be full of sugar. If you are looking for a delicious alternative that is full of goodness and protein, Kirkland Protein Bars are a great option to consider.

In this article, we have chosen five of the best protein bars this company has to offer. We discuss everything you need to know from the flavors and size, to nutrition, to let you know whether they are worth trying. 


Kirkland Signature Protein Bars Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 20-count 2.12OZ

Our top choice are the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough protein bars. If you are a fan of cookie dough you will enjoy these bars. They are 2.12 ounces in size, and are available in a box of 20. They are one of the least expensive options Kirkland provides, and are good value for money when you take into consideration the cost per bar.

They are gluten free and kosher, which allows them to be consumed by a larger amount of people. In addition to this, they are non-GMO and there are no artificial flavors, which allows them to be as natural as possible.

Being under 200 calories in total, they are great if you are calorie counting, and they contain 21 grams of protein. This is a high amount, and this makes these Kirkland protein bars a great option as a post workout snack.

They are available in small bars that are easy to consume on the go. The flavor is pleasant. As they contain cashews, they are not the most suitable option if you do have any allergies.  


  • Non GMO - No unnecessary additives
  • Low Calorie - Great if you are tracking calories
  • High in protein - Fantastic post workout snack


  • Contains cashews -  Not suitable for those with cashew allergies 


KIRKLAND SIGNATURE Protein Bars Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk 2.12 oz, 20-count

If you enjoy the taste of peanut butter, these Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk protein bars are a great option.

They are the least expensive Kirkland protein bars and are great if you are looking for the cheapest option available. As they contain peanut butter they are not suitable for those with allergies. However, they are kosher, and gluten free. They also contain no GMOs or artificial flavors. 

They have 15 grams of fiber, in addition to 21 grams of protein. You can also purchase them in smaller boxes if you want to try this brand. These protein bars are under 200 calories each, and they are 2.12 ounces in size.

They are one of the more popular choices due to their flavor. They are tasty, and are low in carbohydrates.


  • Fiber - Contains 15 grams of fiber which is a good amount
  • Tasty - They have a pleasant taste and are free from artificial flavors
  • Under 200 calories - They are great if you are calorie conscious


  • Allergies - If you are allergic to peanuts this protein bar is not a suitable option


Kirkland Signature Protein Bars Chocolate Brownie 2.12 oz, 20-count

If you enjoy chocolate brownies, this is a great protein bar for you. It is one of the more expensive options, but when you consider that there are 20 bars included, the price per bar is fairly low.

They contain 15 grams of fiber, 21 grams of protein, and one 1 gram of sugar. Given this, this is a fairly healthy protein bar. It is certified gluten free and kosher, and does not contain any GMOs.  

As they are under 200 calories, they are great to consume on a diet. They contain real chocolate chunks, which is great. However, if you are vegan, these are not a suitable option for you as they contain animal by-products.  


  • Fiber - Contains a healthy amount of fiber
  • Low Sugar - This is great if you do not want to consume too much sugar
  • Gluten Free - Great option if you are gluten intolerant


  • Not Vegan - These protein bars are not suitable for a vegan diet


Kirkland Signature Protein Bars Cookies and Cream 2.12 oz, 20-count

If you have a sweet tooth this protein bar is a fantastic option.

It allows you to have a sweet treat without the carbs to accompany this. This protein bar only contains 2 grams of sugar. It is high in protein with 22 grams in total. This is the highest amount of protein featured.It is non-GMO and is kosher. 

As it has real cookie pieces, it has a great overall taste. It has 15 grams of fiber, and is available in a pack of 20. While it is one of the most expensive Kirkland options, it has a fantastic flavor, and the price per bar is fairly low.

There are no artificial flavors, and these bars are gluten free. They are a tasty option overall. 


  • Real cookie pieces - This is great if you have a sweet tooth
  • High in protein - With 22 grams of protein, these contain the most protein featured
  • Low in Sugar - While this is a sweet treat, it only contains 2 grams of sugar


  • Price - This is the most expensive option featured


Kirkland Signature Protein bar energy variety pack, 20 Count

This option is a mixture of 10 Chocolate Brownies, and 10 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein bars. This is a great option if you are looking to try more than one option as it contains a variety of the options featured.

These bars are the same as the options featured, and are non-GMO, gluten free and Kosher. Given that this contains a variety it is a popular choice, and is not overly expensive.


  • Mixture - This is a variety pack containing two different flavors
  • Price - It is reasonably priced


  • Two flavors - It only contains 2 of the 4 flavors

Kirkland Protein Bars Buying Guide


The flavor of the protein bar is important as you will want to ensure that you enjoy it. There are so many protein bar flavors to choose from.

Given this, there should be a flavor to suit the majority of tastes.Looking at Kirkland Protein Bars in particular, they offer four different flavors, which is a reasonable amount. This will cater for a good amount of preferences. 


Before purchasing protein bars, you always want to ensure that you are checking the ingredients, especially if you have any intolerances or allergies.

In addition to this, some protein bars will contain animal by-products, which are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Many will also contain nuts some people can potentially have allergies to. What is great about the Kirkland protein bars is that they are gluten free.

 Given this, they are suitable for this kind of food intolerance. As they are free from GMOs they use more natural ingredients, and are typically healthier than a lot of other protein bars. They are also certified kosher, which is great. They do not contain artificial flavors either.

Protein Amount

Given that a protein bar is made to replenish your body with protein after a work-out, the amount of protein it features is important.

Ideally, the higher the amount of protein it has, the better it is as a post workout snack. When looking at Kirkland protein bars, they contain a high amount of protein which is around  21 grams. Given this, they are a great option. 


The size of the protein bar is important, as they are a convenience food. The likelihood is that you are reaching for a protein bar to consume quickly after a workout. If you do not have the time to eat a balanced meal, they can be a great snack to eat in between meals.

The Kirkland Protein Bars are not too large, being only 2.12 ounces. This makes them a great option to eat on the go, as they can easily fit into a gym bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Kirkland protein bars healthy?

Yes, Kirkland protein bars are healthy. They are healthier than many other types of protein bars. They are high in protein, and low in sugar.

However, they should always be consumed in moderation, and as part of a well balanced diet.

How long do Kirkland protein bars last?

You should always check the expiry date on the packaging or box of the protein bars to ensure they are in date.

While they should last for a good amount of time, this will vary depending on when they were purchased, and how long you have owned the protein bars for. You should avoid eating the protein bars if they are past their expiry date.


We hope you have found this article insightful. The Kirkland protein bars are some of the best available. Not only are they a great protein source, but they are fairly healthy.