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Best Clipless Pedals

A lot of bike owners aren’t aware of the difference something as seemingly insignificant as pedals can make to your riding style.Most bikes will come with flat pedals as standard which have a lot of advantages but, if you’re looking for better power and speed, flats will only be able to get you so far.Fortunately, …

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Wahoo Kickr Snap Review

Cycling indoors can be a terrible hassle, and I’m not talking about pulling your bike through the small hallways of your home. I’m talking about taking apart your bike whenever you want to use a turbo trainer. Turbo trainers are fantastic bike trainers, don’t get me wrong, but the hassle of unscrewing and re-screwing your …

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Normatec Review

We’re all familiar with the aches and soreness that accompany a particularly vigorous workout, and while there are some home-spun and free remedies you can try, sometimes the aches are so severe that you need something a little stronger. This is where products like the Normatec come in.Just like compression products were once the reserve …

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