Hoka One One Clifton 6 Review

If you are struggling to hit your times or you are experiencing difficulties when attempting to run at a distance, you may need a new pair of running shoes.

A good quality pair of running shoes will impact your form and performance so selecting the best pair is a matter of utmost importance. With so many different styles available, narrowing the selection down to a single pick can be a challenge. 

The Hoka One One Clifton 6 is a strong contender and is one of the newest styles available from the Clifton range. If you are uncertain as to whether this shoe is right for you, we have delved into its features, what we like and what we feel could be improved on below.

Continue reading if you would like to find out more about the Clifton 6.


  • Selection of sizes to choose from
  • Available in a male and female version
  • Weight per shoe: 255g (men), 210g (women)
  • Heal to toe drop: 5mm
  • Terrain: road
  • Support: neutral
  • Reinforced embroidery and eyestays
  • EVA midsole cushioning
  • Multiple colorways available

Since its release in 2014, the Hoka Clifton has gained immense popularity, becoming a well-known name amongst running enthusiasts. As the brand's sixth release, the Hoka One One Clifton 6 shares many similarities with its predecessors with a few noticeable improvements. The lightweight cushioning delivers exceptional comfort for a smooth ride and the use of soft materials creates a spacious and flexible shoe. 

The Fit 

Before purchasing any shoe, it is important to consider the availability of sizes and if possible you should try them on. Both the male and female versions come in an array of sizes, with half options included.

The general feel towards the sizing of the Clifton 6 is that they are comfortable fitting and true to size. The padding will keep your feet securely positioned to avoid any unwanted backward to forward sliding movement. They are also stretchy without feeling too socklike and the spacious toe compartment means that you do not have to squeeze your toes as you run. 

Those with high volume feet will likely benefit from opting for the wide version of this shoe for more room around the midfoot region. 

Cushioning and Comfort

Comfort and cushioning are other important considerations. You don’t want to select a pair of shoes that leave your feet feeling insufficiently supported and blistered. As the midsole has been made from soft foam it has a much more cushioned feel with some suggesting that these shoes emulate the feeling of running on marshmallows.

Aside from this, the Clifton 6 has also been designed with a built-up heel counter which provides a comfortable layer for the back of your feet. As these shoes incorporate an early stage meta rocker, you can expect to enjoy a smooth transition with each step. 

As a brand, Hoka is renowned for creating shoes that excel in regards to comfort. Because of this, you are bound to be impressed with the comfort provided by the Clifton 6’s. Whilst they may appear a little stiff upon first glance and initial wear, as they are broken in, this stiffness is likely to soften. 

Shoe Construction

The Clifton 6 features a midsole that has been made from soft EVA foam with geometrical patterning for improved efficiency within each transition. The rubber elements on the outsole have been strategically placed in areas that are going to be exposed to more abrasion.

The careful but deliberate placement of this rubber will protect the shoe from frequent wear and potential damage. The rest of the shoe is then made from the same foam material that was used to make the midsole. The recommended terrain for these shoes is roads and this is reflected in the minimalistic outsole, however, they will cope with slightly uneven surfaces too.

Thanks to the cushioning that has been incorporated into these trainers, runners will not be able to feel the impact of running on firm ground as intensely. Though the midsole may not feel as soft as previous offerings upon initial inspection, ultimately, this will deliver benefits in the long run by ensuring that the support you are provided with isn't compromised. The shock absorbency of the midsole is also impressive as it refrains from absorbing any unexpected impact from the ground below. 

As the midsole curves, runners are inclined to roll forward and the height of the heel drop encourages runners to adopt an upright stance. 

The upper section of the shoe has been designed with mesh material which enhances the breathability of the shoe by promoting air circulation. Some would suggest that the quality of this mesh material is an improvement of previous Clifton shoes.

As mentioned this shoe does have a wider toe box, however, this isn’t believed to make a huge difference to the feel of the shoe, so we wouldn’t recommend selecting this shoe solely based on the assumption that you are going to have more room to stretch your toes.

The design and aesthetic

For style-conscious runners, the design and aesthetic of the shoe are likely to influence the type that they choose. Some may not be attracted to this shoe due to its bulky appearance, however, in regards to the overall design of the Clifton 6, they are subtle with a sleek edge. Both the men's and women’s versions are available in multiple colorways.

The women’s shoe comes in black with white detailing, black with rose gold detailing, and just black. The mens are available in Lunar rock or midnight blue. Whilst the base color of the female’s version is black, the opportunity to select a different color detailing makes a little bit more of a statement. 

On the rear of the shoe, you will find a heel tag which will prove to be a useful aid for runners who struggle to get this shoe onto their feet. 

The reinforced eye stays also improves the durability of the shoe because they aren’t going to encounter as much wear and tear. The embroidered sections along the exterior of the shoe also feature reinforced stitching and because of this, they can endure intense use without becoming easily damaged. 

The Weight

Many would suggest that the weight of these shoes is a real selling point. Despite their bulky design, the Clifton 6 is fairly lightweight, though the men’s version is slightly heavier than the female version.

Although they may be lightweight, these shoes certainly do not compromise on performance and they are a favorable option amongst other popular running trainers that weigh a similar amount.

Not only do lighter trainers promote improved speeds, but they also reduce the strain on your muscles as they are bearing less weight. You will also likely find it easier to transition between each step.


Running trainers can be quite a hefty expense so you want to make sure that you invest in a pair that is going to see you through many future uses. The exterior of these shoes has been designed to withstand wear and tear.

The rubber possesses impressive abrasion-resistant properties whilst the overall thickness of the shoe means that it will not break down easily. The stitching also fares well and even after a decent amount of intense use, it does not begin to fray.

The more the shoes are worn the more likely you are to notice that the upper section has begun to crease, but this is an issue that affects the majority of shoes, as they are constantly pulled on and taken off. You should expect these shoes to see you through many miles before they begin to deteriorate. 


The responsiveness of these running shoes makes them a favorable choice for those who are going to be embarking on runs covering a longer distance.

However, due to the thickness of the shoe, they aren’t going to be the best option for those who are likely to engage in short-distance speed workouts but your joints will certainly be appreciative of the shoe's chunky padding. 


  • Comfort - the EVA midsole and ratio of padding creates a very comfortable running shoe.
  • Upgraded mesh - makes the shoe much more breathable and encourages the air to circulate so that sweat and odors do not accumulate.
  • Sizing - as there are half sizes and wide options available, these shoes will cater to most individuals.
  • Quality - as high-quality running shoes they are more than likely to see you through many miles of running in the future.
  • Lightweight - despite the thick midsole, these running shoes have a lightweight feel.


  • Support - runners with high arches may not feel as though these shoes offer them the support that they require.
  • Cost - these shoes are rather expensive and may not accommodate those who are on a budget.

Final Thoughts

The Clifton 6 has been upgraded from current versions in the Clifton line and focuses on providing comfort and durability.

The cushioned design will benefit those who are likely to wear these trainers when covering longer distances. There is also an impressive selection of sizes available which means that no one has to miss out on this excellent running shoe.