Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo Review

To runners, trainers are our bread and butter. It’s what we rely on (along with our legs) to get us through the distances, to plow in any weather, and to beat our previous personal bests. But finding the perfect pair of trainers is easier said than done. 

It’s a tricky world to navigate, the trainer world, and often we are left tired, confused, and overwhelmed by the number of brands, new technologies, and sizes that are all meant to be perfect for running. 

In these cases, it feels as though all hope is lost and that we should just give up and resign to a running free life. But it doesn’t need to be that way! Coming in to save the day is Nike and their Zoom Pegasus Turbo trainers! These trainers caused quite a storm when they hit the market, and it’s no wonder why! 

These lightweight, soft, and cushioned trainers have become a favorite with runners, and now, here you are, wondering if they are the right trainers for you.  Well, come on in; we have a detailed review for you to help you make your decision today. 

Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo Running Shoe - Men's Black/Vast Grey-oil Grey-gunsmoke, 7.0


In a hurry? Here is all you need to know about the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo! 

  • Range of men’s and women’s sizes available 
  • Wide range of colors to choose from
  • Perfect for running or general use 
  • Lightweight shoe 
  • Comfortable cushioning for extended wear
  • Extremely durable  
  • Reduces foot fatigue when running
  • On the pricier side 
  • Not as bouncy as other trainers on the market

Have we convinced you? Then save yourself some time and grab the trainers now!

Do you need some more information? Then keep reading for a detailed and in-depth review of the trainers!  


Let’s start by looking at the design of the shoe. For starters, it is incredibly lightweight, and you can hardly feel it on your foot! The weight does vary slightly depending on the size, but each one is lightweight and comfortable.

The trainers are available in men’s and women’s sizes and come in a wide range of colors. We recommend flicking through the colors to see which ones appeal to you! There is a nice mix of bright and neutral colors, so it is sure to be a color that suits your style. 

The trainer looks like others in Nike’s range regarding appearance, featuring a mesh body with the distinctive tick in alternating color and a thick white sole. The rubber outsole is thick, but it’s not the thickest on the market. 

You can expect comfort and durability, but the durability might not be exactly what you need if you are a long-distance runner. You might want a thicker outsole, or reinforced sides of the trainers, as we did notice some wear and tear on the outer sides after running roughly 100 miles. 

The outsole has been updated compared to those on older Nike trainers, allowing for more freedom of natural movement when it comes to running! They have also eliminated the issue where small rocks would get stuck in the grooves of the outsole! 

Nike has also added a distinct outsole stripe which helps with landing, and it’s a firm favorite with customers. Teamed with the rubber forefoot and raised heel, these shoes are designed with speed in mind. Yes, it’s a little aggressive, but you know what? We love it! And so do other runners! 


Let’s look at how these trainers fit. In both the men’s and women’s trainers, the shoes fit true to size! There’s no need to worry about sizing up or down; just get the size you usually wear in Nike or trainers. 

These trainers don’t come with any wide fit options, and we would say, based on our experiences, that these are best for those with normal or slightly narrow fit feet. You should find plenty of room across the toe box, although wider feet might find the trainer a little snug around the midsole. 

The midsole is tight, yes, but provides a secure fitting. The Flywire lacing ensures the cables wrap tightly to keep the shoe firmly on your foot. Compared to other Nike trainers (we are looking at you ZoomX Vaporfly), these trainers won’t feel loose on your feet or sloppy. They will hug your foot and provide the tight fit you need when running without causing blisters! 

Overall, the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo design is pleasing to the eye and your foot. It’s worth shopping around to find a color you like, but we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! 


The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo trainers are incredibly comfortable! Just like Nike’s Vapor Fly trainers, the Pegasus Turbo features Nike’s ZoomX foam for added comfort while you run. The foam is located on the sole and the upper of the trainer for a soft, padded, and cushioned experience like no other! 

You can expect a springy feel with the foam, with the shoes coming alive more than other foam trainers on the market. Many customers cite these trainers as the most comfortable ones they have worn, even outranking more expensive shoes! You can’t argue with that, can you?

These shoes are incredibly lightweight too! The Pegasus Turbo is lighter than the Pegasus  35s!  They are so light that you can hardly feel them on your feet while you run, making them the perfect choice for high-speed runners that want a light foot to strike the ground. 

Customers praised the shock absorption of these trainers, too, finding that they noticed less pressure on their knees and back when jogging or running.  Distance runners also noted less foot fatigue when running, meaning they could go further without feeling tired! They also noted less pain or pressure on their ankles. For a lightweight trainer to be able to absorb all that shock is a positive for us! 

It’s the lightweight design of the trainers that, time and time again, customers rave about! They started their run easily; their feet were so light, they moved with ease! These trainers will not slow you down; if anything, they are the perfect trainer to propel you to fast speeds!

Any problems?

We know, so far, this review has been a rave! So what about the negatives? Are there any of these trainers? We will be honest, it’s hard to find fault with these trainers, but we managed it! 

The first issue is the price. Compared to other Pegasus shoes, the Turbo jumps up in price! While it can put some buyers off,  compared to other high-end running shoes, the price is fairly competitive. We talk more about the cost of these trainers, later on, so be sure to keep reading if you are interested! 

Another minor issue is the racing stripe on the shoe. The hot Punch color is certainly not to everyone's tastes! The color can change depending on the color trainer you buy, but it’s worth mentioning anyway! There is a decent color range for the Pegasus Turbo, so we recommend taking your time to find a color that suits your style! 

Another issue and one that is worth being aware of are that Nike no longer makes the Pegasus Turbo. We know it hurts our souls too! Thankfully you can still pick them up from other retailers, but there will come a day when you can no longer find these lightweight and soft trainers.

What should you do then? Well, Nike stopped making these shoes to bring out the Pegasus  Turbo 2, the latest version of the Zoom Pegasus Turbo. Typically, it’s a pricer shoe, but one people opt for! If you are interested, we have a full review you can see here. 

How much?

When purchasing our trainers, we always want to ensure the price is right, don’t we? Well, the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo is on the pricier side. The cost varies depending on the shoe’s size and color, so it's always worth browsing through the options before making your decision. 

While they aren’t the most expensive trainer Nike offers,  they are by no means the cheapest.  Many customers have cited them as an expensive pair of Nike trainers to purchase. It’s worth being aware of this before making your purchase and deciding if these trainers are worth the money!

We would recommend considering your budget carefully before purchasing your trainers. Consider how often you will be using these durable trainers, how long you want them to last, and how much you want to spend. Use these factors to determine your budget and find the right trainers for you! 

Final Verdict  

And just like that, we are at the end of our trainer review today! As you can see, the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo is a fantastic pair of trainers that can only enhance your running! Whether you are using the trainers for running or general wear, you are sure to love the comfort and durability of these trainers! 

Is it time to make your purchase? Then you can grab the trainers here!