Boyd Wheels Review

If you are the kind of person who loves nothing more than to hop on your bicycle and go for a ride, get your cardio up, and go on adventures into the world around your home, then you know that having the right wheels on your bike is imperative. Wheels make all the difference in your biking experience, and sometimes finding the right ones can be a real tedium. 

There are so many great biking companies out there, and so many companies specialize in wheels. How can you choose? One of the companies that offer great wheels is Boyd cycling. They are a company with a passion for pedaling your way through life.

However, like anyone buying anything, you want to know that when you buy wheels from Boyd, you will be getting quality for your cash. 

That is why, today, we are here to tell you everything that you could ever want to know about Boyd wheels. 

Who are Boyd Wheels? 

Boyd wheels are the wheel specifics of Boyd cycling based in South Carolina. The company started in 2009, while the founder was competing in races full time, coaching cyclists, and working as a developer for the iBike power meter. Who else would be a better founder for a company all about cycling. 

The company started in the early fall of 2009, and when they began they were creating a range of cycling specific products, wheels, frames, and accessories. After two years the company noticed their wheels were doing better than anything else, so they took the focus onto wheels, and made sure that every wheel they made was of the highest possible quality. 

Boyd wheels are not like most big bike wheel manufacturers, Boyd wheels are managed by a family. So rather than your money going into a big corporate machine that manufactures hundreds of thousands of wheels and uses perhaps not the most ecological methods of retail, with Boyd wheels, your money goes towards a family that is passionate about cycling, wheels, and pedaling away into the sunset. 

The Wheels

Boyd wheels specialize in bicycle wheels, they have five primary types of wheels in their store, and offer the highest quality for each one. These types are; 

  • Podium road wheels.
  • Podium gravel wheels. 
  • Podium CX wheels. 
  • Podium MTB wheels. 
  • The Prologue series (The newest edition)

Boyd has wheels for every bike, whether you cycle on tarmac down the roads, ready for some speedy competition, or if your cycling is focused on gravel trails, or heading up a mountain.

Their newest edition is the prologue series which is a series of budget friendly, economical wheel builds. They utilized a more automated layup process which adds about 20g to the rim. They also feature a hooked tire interface so that you can use any tire brand at any pressure, and be worry free of any tire blow-offs.

Let's take a look at these Boyd wheel types. 

Podium Road Wheels

Boyd has two types of road wheels, the 36 mm road disc front wheel, and a 44 mm carbon clincher front wheel. Both of these sit at a similar price of around $800. These wheels are specialized for every day and every road riding, they exceed the needs of the modern road bike. 

The 36 mm road disc front wheel has a front spoke count of 24, and a rear spoke count of 28. It has a tubeless ready clincher rim, and has a wheel size of 700c. It is handbuilt and has a brilliant disc brake, and quest disc brake hubs.

The external width is 29 mm, with an internal width of 22 mm, and a rim depth of 36 mm. It also has tubeless rim tape and tubeless valves installed. It is a perfect option if you enjoy taking your bike anywhere, it is great for cycling down the seaside promenade, or having a whack at a mountain path. 

The 44 mm carbon clincher in a top-notch all-purpose carbon clincher wheel set. It is suitable for whatever type of riding you are doing with an improved aerodynamic profile. It is really suitable for climbing, windy conditions, races, training, and downhill. Furthermore, it has a 20-24 front wheel spoke count, and a 24-28 rear wheel spoke count.

It has a tubeless ready clincher rim, and is 700c. Like the 36 mm, it is also handbuilt. Its internal width is 19 mm, external width is 27 mm, and it has a rim depth of 44 mm. You get onyx carbon brake pads, quick release skewers, tubeless rim tapes installed, and tubeless valves installed, all included. 

Podium gravel wheels

Boyd has much in the way of gravel wheels. You have options of carbon gravel or alloy gravel, and 14 different wheel options, ranging in price from $312 to $925. They have gravel wheels for every budget here. 

Let's take a look at their options. 

Carbon or Alloy
CCC 700C Alloy Gravel Rear Wheel
CCC 700C Alloy Gravel Front Wheel.
Pinnacle Hookless Rear Wheel.
Pinnacle Hookless Front Wheel
CCC650B Alloy Gravel Front Wheel
CCC 650B Alloy Gravel Rear Wheel.
Trailblazer 29er (700c) Rear Wheel
Trailblazer 29er (700c) Front Wheel.
Trailblazer 29er Rear Boost Wheel.
Jocassee Gravel 650B Rear Wheel.
Jocassee Gravel 650B Front Wheel. 
Trailblazer 27.5 (650B) Rear Wheel.
Trailblazer 27.5 (650B) Front Wheel.
Trailblazer 27.5 Rear Boost Wheel.

All of these wheels are handmade, and they all have their own perks. Depending on the type of cycling you do, any of these could be perfect for you, especially if you encounter gravel on trails often. Make sure that whatever wheel you get it matches your bike. 

Podium CX Wheels

Boyd also does CX wheels. Here they have 4 options. They have the Pinnacle CX tubular front wheel, and the rear wheel. They also have their other option, the black and tan alloy tubular front disc wheel, and the black and tan alloy tubular front wheel.

These wheels vastly range in price from $275 to $800, and are best suited to give you adhesion and peace of mind when PSIs are dwindling on sloppy racecourses, keeping your tires from slipping off the rim. Depending on how you cycle and what kind of cycling you do, you could go for any option of the Podium CX wheels. 

Podium MTB Wheels

Who doesn’t love mountain biking? It's a fantastic experience and Boyd offers 6 different wheels or mountain bikes. Similar to their gravel options, you can get either carbon or alloy options, ranging in cost from $300 to $900.

All the wheels are hand made, and you can have a range of options in the amount of spokes. One of the best factors of these wheels is that using them, you won’t lose speed as you push uphill, or shred it downhill. You also get a stable and comfortable ride. What more could you want from MTB wheels? 


As well as their amazing selection of wheels, that you can only truly appreciate by looking and experiencing for yourself, Boyd also sells a variety of accessories. They sell apparel including hats, shirts, cycling jerseys and more.

They also sell hubs and parts, tubeless accessories, decals, center locks, wheel bags, tape, sealant and anything else you could dream of having for your bike and your wheels. 

Boyd is determined to make your cycling experience a walk in the park. No stress, no mess, only cycling. 

The pros

So what does Boyd have going for it? 

  • Family run business. 
  • Wide range of options, plenty of choices, especially for gravel wheels. 
  • Budget friendly. 
  • They offer custom-builds too. 
  • In depth information on their site about what each wheel is good for, get for the beginner. 
  • Easy contact for inquiries. 

The cons

While they have a lot of good things going for them, everyone has a fault here or there. Boyd is no different. 

  • While their gravel wheels have many options, their road wheels and MTB wheels could have more. Their options for each wheel type are unbalanced, we would like to see more options for road bikes, and definitely more options for MTB. 

To conclude

Overall, there really is not much negative to say in the way of Boyd Wheels. They have lots of good things going for them, and customers seem to love them, most customer reviews are 4.5-5/5-star ratings, and their wheels are loved by many avid biking enthusiasts.

They have a blog page that will keep you up to date on their wheels, and give you tips and tricks on how to get the best out of their wheels. 

We would like to see more options on some of their tires, and we look forward to seeing what their newest line- the ‘Prologue Series’ brings to the table. But as far as we can say, Boyd wheels are bringing a lot of good to the cyclists of the world.